Open source tools for repertory grid data

Introducing OpenRepGrid.

Repertory what?

OpenRepGrid centers around software for repertory grids, a qualitative-quantitative research technique used across various domains from clinical psychology to marketing.

By users, for users.

Here, you will find open source software developed by repertory grid enthusiasts to facilitate the administration and analysis of grids.

Get on board.

You have feature requests, questions or suggestions? Visit the OpenRepGrid discussion site. Open Source projects live from contributions. You want to join in? Get in touch!

Active Projects

  • The OpenRepGrid R package is a tool to analyse repertory grid data. Use it for all kinds of calculations and visualizations. It is a social software project. Feel free to join in!

    The gridsampler software (see publication) helps determining the required sample size for multiple grid studies. It is available online and as an R package on your desktop.

  • OpenRepGrid onair is a web based software to analyze single grids. You can create plots, calculate indexes and generate reports. Give it a try!

    OpenRepGrid.ic is a web based software that implements the Interpretive Clustering (IC) method (see publication).